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Geography National 3 4 5

Physical Environments

The topics you will study in physical environments are:


River landscapes

Coastal landscapes

Glaciated landscapes 

Examples from across Scotland and the UK will be used as case studies. 

Human Environments

The topics you will study in human environments are:




Examples from developed and developing countries across the globe will be used as case studies.

Global Issues

The global issues studied are:

Climate change and sustainability

Environmental Hazards: Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tropical Storms

Trade and globalisation



We will be completing a number of fieldtrips to help give you a better understanding of what we have learned in class. You will also use the information collected to complete a report that will be used to show that you have passed the criteria for the N4 Added Value Unit.


How Do I Pass the Course?

National 4 pupils will need to pass all unit outcomes for each of the three units (Physical Environments, Human Environments and Global Issues) as well as completing an Added Value Unit which consists of a report on a piece of independent research. These will be assessed internally on a pass/fail basis.

National 5 Exam

The N5 exam is 2hr 20mins long and is marked out of 80.

Section 1: physical environments (30 marks) — candidates have a choice of question on landscape type; they must answer all other questions

Section 2: human environments (30 marks) — candidates answer all questions

Section 3: global issues (20 marks) — candidates answer two from six options. The options are: climate change, natural regions, environmental hazards, trade and globalisation, tourism, and health. There is parity of demand between the options. 

National 5 Assignment

The other 20 marks that make up your total are for the assignment. This is a write up of your fieldwork which is completed under exam conditions during the prelims. You will get 1hr to complete this.

The final award will therefore be marked out of a combined total of 100 marks and graded A-D.