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We also have the following that you can work from:

S1 - Expressive Writing - Article Blog Sheet

S2 - Reading Skills - Article Blog Sheet

S3 - Reading Skills

N3/4 - Analysing An Article - Analysing An Article Support

N5 - RUAE - Article Blog Sheet

Higher - RUAE - Article Blog Sheet

Here is also a list of short reading and writing tasks you can do to keep developing those skills.


National 5 and Higher English Folio

All National 5 and Higher English candidates are required to submit a portfolio of work as part of the final award. This portfolio, which consists of two pieces of writing: one broadly creative, and the other discursive, counts for 30% of the final grade.  As this is a very important component of the award, and in the light of updated guidance from the SQA, we would like to clarify the conditions of assessment for the Portfolio.

SQA states that it is acceptable for a teacher to provide:

  • An initial discussion with the candidate on the selection of topic and written or oral feedback on one draft of each writing piece

SQA states it is not acceptable for a teacher to provide:

  • Model answers
  • Specific advice on how to rephrase wording
  • Key ideas, or a specific structure or plan
  • Corrections of errors in spelling and punctuation
  • Feedback on more than one draft of writing 

This highlights the fact that pupils can only be given feedback on one draft of writing. Once this feedback is given it will be the pupil’s responsibility to make the improvements suggested: to work on their expression, to ensure a good structure, and to proof-read carefully for careless mistakes. Individual teachers will give their classes deadlines for 1st draft and final copies of folio work, and we will support pupils by giving them time to benefit from  the feedback in advance of the final school deadline for submission which is Monday 11 March 2019. 

I hope that this clarifies the conditions under which this assessment is conducted.


5 Ways To Easily Support Your Child’s English and Literacy Skills 

  1. Listen to them read a chapter of a book or to their solo talk/presentation – give feedback
  2. Read a news article or watch the news together and talk about the ideas and language in it
  3. Ask them to write a page about something they have done that week and read it afterwards
  4. Tell them about what you have been recently reading and watching
  5. Create a story together

Here is a PowerPoint to help further, which is from the 2018 Parent Workshop about literacy.


Have a look here for more ideas:


Book Lists

Scottish Book Trust Teen Lists

BHS LRC Booklists - S1-S3

AH English Themes


Course Information 


All S1-S3 pupils are expected, as homework, to read for at least twenty minutes a day. This informs all aspects of the subject of English. Other additional homework will be set by individual teachers.

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Senior Phase

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National 3/4

National 5


Advanced Higher



We also offer Media as a subject in our department - National 4 level to Higher level.

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